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Friday, May 05, 2006
More on Hughes
From Baseball America:
"Well, it's been better," Hughes said. "I was just having trouble getting ahead of hitters throughout the game. It was one of those things--my velocity was good, my stuff was good, but my command of my pitches obviously wasn't so good."
“I give the hitters credit for what they did—I made them more patient because I didn’t have good control of my pitches,” Hughes said. “And I didn’t help myself out much at all. It seemed like I was forcing myself into situations to get out of the majority of the time.”
"I just didn't help myself out or work out of jams like I normally would," Hughes said. "I gave in (to hitters) at times, I think. I'm not trying to make excuses, but I just didn't throw the ball like I know I'm capable of doing. I didn't do my job, and that's the bottom line.

"I thought my changeup was good and that might have been my best pitch in terms of my confidence in it and commanding it. My curveball was OK--there were some good ones and there were some bad ones. I had a little trouble finding my release point and that's just one of those things I need to be more consistent with. It was a little different atmosphere (than in the Florida State League)--I guess I had more of a comfort level there. But that's what this is all about--moving up to the next level and rising to the challenge. I just didn''t do that tonight and hopefully that will get better as we move along."
It's good to see him take responsibility and not blame the umpire for squeezing him or stuff like that. He's always been a stand-up kid (hard not to be at 6'5"), and I fully expect this start to be the exception rather than the norm.
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