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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Some last minute draft thoughts
Jim Callis of BA weighs in:
Though owner George Steinbrenner won't give a major league contract to a draftee [that's why they passed on Craig Hansen], New York would select [UNC's Andrew]Miller in the unlikely event he gets this far and sign him to the largest bonus in draft history. More realistically, the Yankees could take Huff, the second-best college lefty in the draft. They also could one-up the Mets by taking Beato, who turned down the Mets as a draft-and-follow.
Projected Pick: David Huff, lhp, UCLA

So does John Mayo of
New York Yankees: Max Scherzer, RHP, University of Missouri
It appears as of now that there are two teams prepared to take Scherzer with the health question mark: the Diamondbacks at No. 11 and the Yankees here. Both teams, it seems, have gotten the medical clearance to take the Missouri ace so he won't slide any further than this spot.
Previous projection: Pedro Beato.

If Miller fell to the Yanks, you might be able to hear me screaming with joy all the way from SoCal. T-minus 20 minutes until the first pick is announced.

Update: Although it's not yet official, BA founder Allan Simpson and the crew broadcasting on MLB Radio have said the Royals will take Luke Hochevar first overall. So much for hoping he fell to the Yanks.
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