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Monday, February 27, 2006
The Bam-Tino speaks
Tino Martinez chatted over at the website of new employer today. Here's the highlights:

sue, trenton nj: Looking forward to seeing you on Baseball Tonight. Would you discuss your feelings on retirement. After all these years is is difficutlt to just stop playing baseball. Will this position require you to away from home a lot, and if so how does your family feel about that?
Tino Martinez: (1:01 PM ET ) I knew last year, it was going to be my last year playing baseball. I knew I was going to retire. I had a part time role with the Yankees. I knew that I was going to retire from baseball. And, no, this new position will only be 45 appearances on Baseball Tonight. It's only about 7 days of work a month. It allows me to be with my family and still be involved with baseball.

Four Oaks North Carolina: how do you think johnny damon will do with the yankees
Tino Martinez: (1:08 PM ET ) I think he will do just fine, because he's played in that type of atmostphere and pressure in Boston. He has to win the Yankees fans over. If the team starts winning, it will make his transition easier.

Jeff (Cleveland): What is it like to be a Yankee? Do you really feel pressure on every day, every play?
Tino Martinez: (1:11 PM ET) Yes, that's the great part of being a Yankee. There is pressure every day, every play to do your best. It makes you do your best and not let any game or at bat slip away. With other teams, things can be hidden, but no in New York.

Aaron Rockenstein (Indenpendence, Kentucky): Which team did you enjoy the most playing for in Major League Career?
Tino Martinez: (1:30 PM ET ) The Yankees, because we won 4 world series there. But to play in that stadium every day in front of those fans was the most exciting time in my career.

bryan (levittown-ny): Which world series title was the most memorable for you? Tino Martinez: (1:31 PM ET ) All of them, because they got better and better the more you won. When you win one or two, you don't know if you'll get back there again. It only gets better the more you win.

Jeff (Cleveland): Was their a former player who you have met who had that 'Wow, I'm talking to ____' factor for you?
Tino Martinez: (1:36 PM ET ) Probably the first time I met Yogi Berra or Joe DiMaggio at the Old Timer game at Yankee Stadium.

Jeff, Chicago: what's it like playing for George Steinbrenner???
Tino Martinez: (1:41 PM ET ) I enjoyed it because he wants to win so badly. Each year he spends any amount of money to improve the team. When you have an owner like that, it makes the team attitude a lot better.

And from your's truly:
Mike A. (Chico, CA): Conrats Tino on the great career, who was the toughest pitcher you ever faced in your career? Thanks for the memories.
Tino Martinez: (1:16 PM ET ) Well, I faced a lot of them. I faced Clemens when he was with the Red Sox when I was just called up. The last couple of years, Roy Halladay had the best stuff. If he can stay healthy, he'll have a great career.
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