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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Top 100 Prospects
Baseball America released the bottom half of their annual Top 100 prospects. Eric Duncan checks in at number 86, down 50 spots from last year:

"He had the kind of year you would expect a 20-year-old kid to have at Double-A. When he is going good, he is real good at laying off the changeup and breaking ball, and he gets good cuts."
--Trenton manager Bill Masse
ETA: 2007

The remainder of the list will be out tomorrow, with Phil Hughes expected to make his first ever appearance on the list somewhere around the 35-45 range. Here's Jim Callis on Hughes from today's chat over at

Andrew (Boston, MA): Hi Jim, I know you are not as high on Phillip Hughes as a few of your other BA colleagues (as per the Handbook). BP is also very high on Hughes. What is it that's holding you back? Injury history? If he puts together a full healthy season, does he become a Top 10 prospect next year? Thanks a lot.

Jim Callis: I ranked Hughes as the 44th-best prospect in baseball even though he has gotten hurt at each of his three minor league stops and has pitched just 18 innings above low Class A. John Manuel, who did our Yankees list, had him at No. 39, and I think BP had him around the same. I don't see how I'm holding back. He has the ceiling to be a Top 10 guys next year, but I think the 21-35 range is more realistic.

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