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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Go get him Cash
Sorry for the lack of posts recently, Blogger has been giving me a hard time these past few days...

The Alfonso Soriano soap opera is dragging on, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, if you want to read about the details go here.

I say Cash if you're out there, go trade for him. Now. He never wanted to leave the Yanks in the first place, and now he's yours for the taking. The Nats lost 2 pitchers for the year - a much needed innings eater in Brian Lawrence, and top set-up man Luis Ayala via the WBC - this offseason, so offer them something to ease their suffering. See if they'll take Jaret Wright off your hands - after all, he could be successful for an NL team, especially in RFK - and throw in Scott Proctor, who'll never be anything more than the 12th man on the Yanks staff.

Get the money to work and pull the trigger. Soriano is on record saying the only team he'd switch to the outfield for is the Yanks, so that leaves tons of options as to where you could play him. You could platoon him with Cano, give him a ton of ABs as the primary DH, and use him to spell Matsui-Damon-Sheff in the outfield. That'll turn Bernie and Andy Phillips into bats off the bench, which is where they probably should be.

Think of the lineup:

CF - Damon
SS - Jeter
3B - A-Rod
1B - Giambi
RF - Sheff
LF - Matsui
DH - Soriano
C - Posada
2B - Cano

Soriano would transform the lineup from 'God Damn' to 'Holy Sh*t', and you'd add some speed given his annual 30-30 output and 40-40 potential. He may never be the player he was in 2002 again (92 XBH, 39 HR, 102 RBI, 41 SB - 3rd in MVP voting), but he's still a monster at the dish. Jim Bowden wouldn't get a better offer than Wright and Proctor at this point, so stick it to him when he's most vulnerable.

And as icing on the cake, when Omar Minaya throws 5-yrs and $70M Soriano's way next offseason, we'll get 2 extra first round picks! Do it Cash, do it!
Blogger Candidate Levy said...
The Yankees would probably have to give up an outfielder to get Soriano, no?

Blogger Mike A said...
so send them Kevin Reese or another 4A player. Soriano could be had for pennies on the dollar...

Blogger Joseph P. said...
If, and only if, he can be had for that kind of price tag. Jim Bowden's no idiot; he knows that Sori's value will be much higher at the trade deadline.

Blogger D.A. Humber said...
yeah, i think the nats will hold onto him till they get at least a decent offer

Blogger Candidate Levy said...
I also heard a good rumor that Soriano is actually supposed to play second base - assuming Vidro gets hurt.

Blogger Shaun P said...
Four words - "slider away, strike three!"

Just so no to Sori. He's not worth it - take a look at what two years of playing in the Ballpark in Arlington did to him - his road splits are awful. That place is like Coors - once you get used to hitting there, you have trouble hitting elsewhere.

While giving the OF regulars time off would be OK, it would be a horrible mistake to stunt Cano's development by platooning him with Soriano. The only way the kid will learn to hit lefties is if he plays against lefties. Which means he should play against lefties as often as possible.

Though I must admit, the prospect of getting the draft picks by then letting Sori go is very enticing . . .

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