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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
As if $252M wasn't enough
I was doing some research for the Top 20 Prospects list I plan on posting tomorrow when I came across this clause in A-Rod's contract:

[Rodriguez] may opt out [of his contract] after 2007 unless he gets an $8M/year raise or $1M more than MLB’s highest-paid player
He's already slated to make $27M a year from 2007-2010, and he could up that to $35M a year (he'll still be the highest paid player by 2008)? That's ridiculous. I wonder if he really would opt out if the Yanks refused to give him the extra money...

Alex if you're out their reading this, I'm a broke college student who's less than 3 months away from graduating and making my second cross-country move in 2 years. I'm not asking for a handout, consider it a charity. I'll even put a link to your site on my sidebar. (There, how could he say no to that!)
Blogger D.A. Humber said...
Isn't ARod making well over 1 Million more than the highest paid player, thus making this contract loophole moot????

Blogger James Varghese said...
Good point - he made $4MM more than Bonds & Ramirez last year.

Anonymous Steve Lombardi said...
Ditto humber.

Blogger Mike A said...
It's all about interpretation. If A-Rod and his agent/lawyer interprete it one way and the Yanks another, it could get ugly.

I see it as he'd either get another $8M, or a raise to $1M more than the highest paid player, whichever is greater. So if Bonds was slated to make $38M in 2007, A-Rod would get a bump up to $39M. But if he was still the highest paid, then he'd get the $8M bump.

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