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Thursday, March 30, 2006
2006 Predictions
The start of the season is right around the corner (thank the Lord), so everyone is rolling out their predictions. The Crosstown Rivals crew dropped theirs recently, as did SF of Yanksfan vs Soxfan and the Baseball Prospectus staff. I'm sure ESPN and SI and every other major media outlet will release theirs out soon, if they haven't already.

Everyone laughed at me last year when I said Giambi would be hitting in the heart of the order by the end of the season, and look how that story played out (I really did say that, ask my roommate. Okay fine I said by May, but I was alot closer than most people). I usually don't like to make predictions, but I'll do it anyway. After all, who doesn't enjoy being wrong...

AL Awards
Winner Runner-upShowDark Horse
MVPAlex RodriguezMark TeixeiraTravis HafnerGrady Sizemore
Cy YoungRoy HalladayFelix HernandezRich HardenDaniel Cabrera
Rookie of the Year

Ian Kinsler

Francisco LirianoJustin VerlanderBrandon Wood
Manager of the Year

John Gibbons

Eric WedgeJoe TorreJoe Maddon

NL Awards
Winner Runner-upShowDark Horse
MVPAlbert PujolsJason BayRoy OswaltAlfonso Soriano
Cy YoungRoy OswaltJake PeavyJohn SmoltzAaron Cook
Rookie of the Year

Matt Cain

Jeremy HermidaRyan ZimmermanRonny Cedeno
Manager of the Year

Bobby Cox

Ned YostJim TracyJoe Girardi

Playoff Brackets (* indicated Wild Card)

World Series Champs


*White Sox20Mets*

Veterans that will lose their job by midseason, and the kids that will replace them (on the next Oprah):
  • Bob Wickman (Fernando Cabrera)
  • Jason Johnson (Jeremy Sowers)
  • Aubrey Huff (Wes Bankston)
  • Kyle Lohse (Francisco Liriano)
  • Adam Kennedy (Howie Kendrick)
  • Aaron Boone (Andy Marte)
  • Sidney Ponson (Anthony Reyes)

Yankee Predictions:

  • Matt DeSalvo will make more major league starts than Jaret Wright
  • Robbie Cano = All-Star
  • Randy Johnson will break Gator's single season record of 248 K's
  • Mo will go from first ballot HOFer to "They really need to name an award after this guy"
  • This year's big mid-season trade will bring...Wes Helms, Joe Borowski and Brian Moeller
  • Torre leaving Mike Myers in to face righties will cost the Yanks at least 2 games
  • Scott Proctor's spring? Aberration

Non-Yankee Predictions:

  • The Fish won't be nearly as bad as most expect them to be, but they'll still lose 90 games
  • More than just fantasy geeks (no offense) will come to appreciate the greatness of Jason Bay
  • Josh Beckett will find out the Green Monster is pretty sweet...for hitters
  • Kris Benson throws a punch at Leo Mazzone after Mazzone brags that he just showed Anna the real meaning of the term "chin music." Luckily for Mazzone, Benson stays true to form and misses his target by a foot and a half
  • Roy Oswalt will become the first pitcher to win 20 games in back-to-back-to-back seasons since...well I don't know when, but I'm sure it's been a long time
  • The ban of Amphetamines takes it's toll, as no pitcher amasses more than 210 IP and no slugger hits 45 HR
  • Jose Lima will save the Mets season (I'm serious, versus the AL he's 31-55, 6.11 ERA, 1.49 WHIP, vs. the NL he's 58-43, 4.66, 1.21)
  • The Rocket un-retires (again) and returns to Houston for the second half
  • Sixteen year old girls all over the Tri-State area are dismayed when we learn that the phrase "bringing men home" has more than one meaning to David Wright
  • Curt Schilling still won't shut the fuck up
Blogger James Varghese said...
"Kris Benson throws a punch at Leo Mazzone after Mazzone brags that he just showed Anna the real meaning of the term "chin music." Luckily for Mazzone, Benson stays true to form and misses his target by a foot and a half"

Hahah - that had me laughing at my desk. Nice.

Blogger Mike A said...
I try...

Blogger Schuyla' said...
haha. very good.

unfortunately, if lima even shows up on the metsies' opening day roster, i think i might just have to scream.

Blogger Joseph P. said...
Curt Schilling still won't shut the fuck up

Talk about a slam dunk.

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