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Thursday, March 23, 2006
Let's get ready to rumble
Buster Olney thinks there will be some Yanks-Red Sox fireworks this season:

The Yankees and Red Sox got into a little war of plunk Wednesday night, with both sides getting warned by game's end. I didn't see David Riske's pitch, so I can't speak to intent there, but did see Tanyon Sturtze's shot and there is no confusing the message with that pitch; he's the Yankees' version of an enforcer.

There are so many new players -- new relievers, in particular -- on the two teams, and they will tend to be overaggressive in reacting to somebody getting hit by a pitch in this rivalry. It will be as if Kyle Farnsworth and Julian Tavarez and the others joined a fraternity fight, they know all their new house brothers are watching and they feel a need to demonstrate their toughness. There's almost no doubt that they will have incidents this year, and you can almost assume that Farnsworth or Tavarez or Sturtze will be in the middle of something.

I've never been against the beaning of a Red Sock, but Randy Johnson should be the one intimidating people. Not Tanyon Sturtze. Thankfully, Jorge will be okay for Opening Day:

Posada was to have the nose realigned last night and is expected to be released today.

"He will probably be out about five days," Joe Torre said after a 5-4 win over the Red Sox at Legends Field last night. "He can work out but no games. The eye socket is good."
Anonymous Adam said...
Your entry makes me feel like you think Posada got hurt during the game, but it was during pregame tossing with Stinnett. The beaning and Jorge's nose are mutually exclusive events

Blogger Mike A said...
I know Jorge was hurt during pregame. Looking at the post, it does look like I implied he was hurt during the game. Sorry...

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