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Friday, March 03, 2006
Around the papers
So you know all those moonshots you here are being launched by X player in batting practice? Well, if he's a Yankee, you can now watch those bombs from your couch:

Before the Yanks' April 3 opener in Oakland, "Yankees Batting Practice Today" will premiere at 9 p.m. on the YES Network.

Besides showing taped segments featuring the Yankees and their opponents taking batting practice (thankfully there will be no BP play-by-play, just graphics giving info on each batter), "BP Today" will include Yankee updates and interviews.

Of course the Yanks would be the first team to broadcast BP. If the Yanks need an extra arm or a big bat come midseason, here's two interesting names:

As if Joe Girardi didn’t have it bad enough, there’s already talk that stud lefty Dontrelle Willis and third baseman Miguel Cabrera are both going to be available at the trade deadline this summer because their contracts are about to go through the roof.

Willis is collecting $4.3 million this season and has two years of arbitration eligibility left, and Cabrera ($472,000) will reach arbitration status next off-season, when he’s likely to be worth at least $5 million.

Joe Torre is pledging to incorporate more small-ball into his team's offense:

It didn't take long for Joe Torre to send a message to his players that waiting for the home run to carry the Yankees isn't going to be a staple of the offense this season.

Torre spent the winter preaching the Yankees needed to do the little things more, and in the second inning of yesterday's 6-3 loss to the Phillies at Legends Field, provided a glimpse of his thinking.

With Jason Giambi on first via a leadoff single and no outs, Torre put on the hit-and-run and watched Giambi reach third on Bernie Williams' single. Giambi scored on Jorge Posada's fly to center that advanced Williams to second. He scored on Derek Jeter's single to center.

"Joe said we are going to try new things," said the heavy-legged Giambi, who looks like Fred Flinstone when he runs.
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