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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Hughes traded!!!
Ok, not really. But a new site out there - First Inning - focuses on the difficult task of projecting prospects and minor leaguers. The site is still in it's infancy stages and there's errors abound, which is why Hughes is listed as a member of the LA Angels organization (as if they need another elite prospect). I already reported the error, so don't waste your time.

Regardless, the site appears to be very intriguing, as evidenced by it's BsRA9 Primer, as well as it's positional rankings (here's the outfielders), organization reports (here's the Mets, the Yanks aren't yet available) and minor league player projections, like this one for Eric Duncan.

Stop by and check it out, it's frickin sweet. (Hat tip to Dave Studeman of Hardball Times)
Anonymous BadgerBC said...
Dooohhhhh!!! I almost spilled coffee all over the keyboard, but thank goodness it's somebody else's error. Maybe it's a wishful thinking on some Angels fan. At the time of the draft Peter Gammons reported that Bill Stoneman was ready to pick Philip (a local kid from Santa Ana) but for some unknown reason (as he's not another George) Arte Moreno ordered his GM to take Jered Weaver who had scared off a lot of teams as Boras was making ludicrous demands. The Yanks (Gordon Blakeley) had admitted that they probably would've picked Weaver had he been available as the system had fallen so low that year. The rest is history and thank goodness for Arte Moreno (who was a lifelong Yankee fan before he bought the Angels).

Also dropping was Jered Weaver to 12th and the Angels, a break for Boras, since Anaheim owner Artie Moreno has proven to be this year's Tom Hicks; Vladimir Guerrero is great, but Bartolo Colon apparently ate his $51 million. Their scouting director told people two hours two hours before the draft that he was going with local high school right-hander Phil Hughes was ordered by ownership to take Weaver.

Blogger Mike A said...
Sheesh, could you imagine if we had Weaver instead of Hughes?

I mean Weaver's a very good prospect in his own right, but I firmly believe in bloodlines...

Blogger Candidate Levy said...
You scared me!

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