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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Screw You Blogger
After 5 and a half months of suffering through the Blogger experience, I've decided to escape the oppression and end In George We Trust. Do not fret, I've registered a new blog over at entitled "Baby Bombers" (in case you need it in writing, the URL is

Much like the name implies, Baby Bombers is going to focus on what IGWT has focused on: prospects. I'll have the same stuff there as I did here - the Weekly Poll, the Phil Hughes Watch, Down on the Farm, etc.

I'm still setting up the whole Baby Bomber template and all that fun stuff, so please be patient while I get things together. Hopefully I'll be up and running at full capacity by Friday, at which point I'll make up for the down week during the draft.

All of those out there with your own blog who've added a link to IGWT on a sidebar or something like that, I greatly appreciate the support and I ask you to please update your site and link to Baby Bombers instead. Thanks a ton.

Thanks to all those who made IGWT part of their daily rotation, I never imagined that I'd pull almost 20,000 hits in under 6 months.

And finally, thanks for the hours of needless frustration Blogger, you suck worse than Terrence Long.
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real men go anonymous

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